MMS Friends

Friday, November 09, 2007

Scream into my pillow

So much orders!!! This is just to remind myself.

Customer 1:
HZ's xmas card
Nat's bday card

9 xmas cards

Customer 2:
2 bday cards

Customer 3:
2 xmas cards

Customer 4:
2 xmas cards

It was Bistro Indulgz with woman today. But it seems like someone crashed our monthly-meal-date. To me at least. Quite offended by what she said. Can't speak my mind so today's date is RUINED.

But i must comment on the food. Its the appetizer, dessert was normal. Thankyou for the meal woman (:

And i dont think its right to impose my thoughts on you so do as you deem. What i can say or help you is very limited. In fact its wrong to say you need help. Haha, you dont need. I should mind my own biz and let people discover the truth on their own. Why be so nice to others when life isnt so good to you. I'm a typical bitch man. Stay clear of me.

I just can't wait to have a good time at Dine's 21st tmr. Girlfriends. They're the best!
Except for CHERYL SONG XUELI. came back for 2 weeks liao and never sms me. Some kind of best friend. Rah.