MMS Friends

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swiss Stamford

The Birthday Girl - dine

Melly & the balloon we bought for Dine (:

Yummy Cupcakes!

Door-gifts (:

Personalised with Love

Monkey-ing aroung before other guests arrive.

Hello from 65th storey!

Walk-in-wardrobe : our photo studio. HAHA

S.O.U.L. (missing Liyu & Sinyin)

Me & Esther

Me & Melly (Ensuite bathroom)

Group photo (all PL-lites)

"cute" shot

Jump Jump Jump


Skyline at 645pm

Me and Dine
Party was great!
Chilled out, took photos, ate, played Tabooo (hilarious!!).
Had to keep our volume down because its a hotelsuite, cant bring in more than 5 guests actually. With butler service (OMG).
Not to mention the very very awesome view! Didnt manage to try out the personal Lavazza coffee machine. O_o
Overall experience: thumbs up!
Charlotte came up to visit us as she's workin there. Havent seen this ex-classmate of mine for ages!
Thankyou for inviting me babe. The message on the photo was rather heart-warming...aww (:
Cheers to 12 years of friendship. Hope you like the gifts we bought for you!
Happy 21st!