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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wah Lok

Godbro threw a thankyou dinner at Carlton Hotel yesternight (:
*A nice ending to the wedding affair.

But he made me say thankyou when we got home O_o

Guests were mainly his relative..Godsister-in-law's parents. And so im the youngest again.

In this 10 course meal, i personally think the 2 chinese dessert was the best. Egg tart topped with bird nest and grounded peanut sweet soup. French wine was lovely!
A pity i had to be well-behaved at the table, thus explains the lack of photos to company this entry.

Flea market booth at TPY today. Wrong target market, explains my miserable sales of $50. But better than none. I'm easily contented.

Lime flea market next month. Hopefully the turnout will be better! (:

Naz -> you like the erotic espionage huh! haha.

Duckied -> next month! haha, family holiday. After which we can get together with naz!