MMS Friends

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Heavy-duty shopping last weekend with Woman.

Weekend shopping with Indran.

Super overdued photos. Didn't have my n73 to upload them.
Now that its repaired, i'm feeling a lot more secure (:

Din Tai Feng with Woman for dinner.
Some shopping.
Picked out a limited edition super-gorgeous wallet for Gary.
Since its my taste, i think he'll love it to death.

Work was a bitch today.
I swear i nearly fell asleep at the compartment.
Lunch was damn good as usual.
Met lil' sister after lunch for some Ben&Jerry's lovin'.
Charlotte popped by HR to visit me.
She's on the 62th floor. And me?? Basement 1.

I guess i really dont like to work.
As in a real active job income kinda job.
I want flexibility and to be in absolute control.
I need to sleep.