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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whats a Sous Chef?

I dealt with super confidential files today.
And it made me wonder if i should stay in this industry.
I totally love the environment, people and food.
But for career advancement wise, its def not the place to be.

Tmr is walk-in interview day.
Whats the use of having it when we reject 90% of the applicants?


Got a booth secured at LIME flea market on 13th September 2008.
Interested to share half a space with me, please call.
Only successful applicants will be notified (:
Embrace the Sun or rain which might come.


Looks like i cannot escape D&D next Monday.
Damnit, need to come dressed like a pirate. WTFFFF.


I realised im pretty impatient with my tutees.
So hard to get their attention.
Esp after a long day at work..

Angele -> Yes, squash when im free k (: Catch up too!

Jerr -> ahhhhh...time passes quicker these days at work. the sentence structure felt wrong..haha