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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My musings..

So everyone is psycho-ing me to stay.

I love my job.
I've never felt this much a passion for a job.
But i dont know if its doing me any good.

I dont want to stay on just because i have a great bunch of colleagues,
free meals,
free laundtry service,
great boss who loves me,
reasonable amount of take-home-salary,
feeling good about my dress-code to work.

I dont know what i want, but it doesnt feel right.
Am i thinking too much or what?
I'm feeling abit depressed about my life and career.

Does earning more mean that i am satisfied with my life?

I'm frustrated over my career.

And the BP call up interview at UK next month. I might forgo it.
I'm just not ready.

It can't be all about the monetary benefits.
What do i want exactly out of my life.
I got to figure that out.
But its so hard :(

Went for a private dinner treat with my boss after work. Waited 1.5hours for her. That workaholic.
She treated me to DTF, though i wanted Equinox badly, she burted out that she didnt want to go any outlets :(

We shared alot. It weird i can speak and communicate so freely with a 42 year old. I like my boss alot, might not agree with her leadership style that much but, i do love her. Everyone is ahhem against her, but i feel that we all try our best at work. If they appreciate it, they'll be nice to you. Else, you're the gossip during lunch break. Its sad. And its depressing me tonight.

Shanice is depressed tonight.
And she doesnt have any shoulders to cry on.

If God ever sent the next guy in my life to me, i promise i'll be the best i can be..