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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Grand-Uncle passed on.
My direct relative (daddy's father's brother).
Funeral was a really grand one.
7 days, music band, a grand van, cameras/videos, 1km walk to send him off, 6 coaches, about 100 relatives and 150 other people joined us in the 6 hours procession.

Although i do not have much contact with him, i think he was a really nice man.
My relatives were crying so hard and loud, it kinda scared me.

I prayed for the grieving :(

Its the 1st buddhist funeral in my memory (i've attended my great-grandmother's when i was really little). I think the ceremony, dress code etc is very systematic and traditional. Helps to recognise who is who. Like for example if you're wearing the white tee and green slash, you're a grand-niece/nephew to the deceased.

I'm just feeling kinda "hmm.." now.