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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nobody cares about you as much as yourself

Avenue Q-ed with Ryan.
Funny like hell!!

Shopping trip with Melly.
Disappointed i didn't get anything.
It was a last minute decision to go out.
Spontaneous though! (:

Gloomy wednesday. Dined with the blondes before hitting the clubs.
Practically club-hopped the entire night O_o
The Arena / Attica / Zouk: christie, helena, weiqi, hui jun, rachel, julia and the woman.
We got tons of free drinks at attica (plus a table thrown in). Helena is good!!!


Rushed to collect stocks for today's launch.
Then got lost on a bus while rushing for a scrap-class at Laines.
Rocket-ed home with Dadee's help, dumped my loot and bus-ed down to airport to send the blondes off.

Some background; Christie Stubbins is my secondary one best friend.
We hung out alot before i got closer to Cheryl in secondary two.
Christie had to move back to Brisbane.

Stayed for a while with Lee Huan to clear my emails at the airport.
We decided to go visit her next year (:
Long bus journey home.
Completed the canvas. Have yet to pick out some family photos for this album. Sharon from Laines is a genius!

Just when i thought i can turn in for the night, i realised i have to complete a kit and a canvas for 2 customers :(

Real busy night for me.
Saturday's gonna be worst.
Photoshoot, launch, tuition and an important family dinner to attend.

What a narrative post!
Photos will be up some day.
Monday is a brand new start for me at the Bank of America (:


Mummy filled up my water bottle for me before i rushed to the airport.
I'm supper touched by this gesture.
Because its the first time she's doing it.
Emily sister pointed it out. Hee.
For me.
For me! (:

you see..i'm easily pleased..