MMS Friends

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I think lame/wet looks leggings are not my cup of tea.
Yet i have collected so many orders on my LJ.

I'm dying to wear a trench-coat in office. But i'm sure all the aunties will stare. Haha.

Had induction the other day. Gees, all i remember was "jail & fine". So yes, i think i need to zip up my mouth and not talk about work to anyone. Scary huh!

Flea-ing at Sculpture Square on Saturday. Please support (:

I'm feeling queasy about something..and i dunno what is it..quite frustrated. And im wondering if i tend to offend others easily.

I have in mind some new year resolutions..

Anyways, to end of my random musings, i have Christmas presents for some of you. So if you're lucky, you'll get it soon! Hoho!

-> who're you...?!

Kimmy -> i dunno who's that shanice..definitely not me. haha. well..i get depressed sometimes..

Duckied -> you want to know who's "baby"? Date me and nana for dinner soon :b