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Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Christmas..

Christmas celebration kicked off at BoA .
A mini department gathering at cyber room with lots of food and wine (:
Boss dismissed us an hour earlier. Nice lil' surprise.
Been rushing deadlines everyday. Will still be.

Potluck & gift exchange at Indran's thereafter.
I love the way Shu presented his gifts. Cracked me up!

Many good surprises this year.
Good cheers.
Good intentions. I made LY a card, decided i don't want a soiled r/s.
And I had a good sleep till 1pm today. So i'm contented.

Town-ed with Woman, Daniel and Xing Yu earlier.
High-tea at Royal Copenhagen.

Thereafter it was a rare family-relatives gathering (BBQ).
I must say that it was well-organized and the food was well-prepared/cooked.

I received a couple of good presents this year.
Santa didn't come though :(
And i hate the fact i've to work tmr.

But its definitely a good Christmas.