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Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 things about me

Tagged by Nashon and Shu on facebook. Decided to do it here instead (:

1. am doing this because i've never done anything like this before

2. i changed my name from Eunice Ng Gui Fen to Shanice Ng Yu Xin when i was 15

3. i'm obsessed with scrapbooking and collecting korean diaries

4. i own about 16 sets of wetsuit

5. the total value of the clothes in my closet is enough to send me on 8 trips to Europe

6. i learnt the violin when i was little because my piano teacher abused me whenever i hit the wrong note

7. i used to pee on my bed till 13 years old. i suck on a milk bottle till 11 years old

8. i secretly hope to live with my Dadee should my parents get a divorce

9. i wasn't eligible for blood donation drive till this year

10. i think i can run very fast should i set my mind on winning

11. i have this horrible girl crush on __ and __ back in PL. took a long time to get over it

12. i kept my worn baby undies and the last new diaper in my wardrobe as a souvenir O_o

13. i find it hard to sleep without a bolster and scarf on my lips (??i know its weird??)

14. i dont really like to read the papers

15. i can sieve bean sprouts out of my noodles fast

16. i made a few "enemies" in my life and i think i'm a horrible person

17. i wanted to be an astronaut when i was young

18. i think that being a graduate feels normal, i skipped convocation earlier this year

19. i blamed my mum for not allowing me to pursue ballet. she said i don't like to dance when i was little

20. i have bad skin, jawline and hair texture after puberty at 13

21. i frequently blog, save as draft, then delete it the next day

22. don't really like to play computer games. my PSP is collecting dust for 2 years already

23. i'm the stupidest in terms of studies amongest my sisters. never liked to take exams.

24. if i've 3 wishes, i'd wished for: a job that pays me very well, fantastic health and a happy marriage

25. i want my own dog next time, and i'll call it Moosey