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Thursday, March 19, 2009

De Soup Spoon

Date: Julia

Think her tummy nearly exploded.
I finished 80% of this meal.

Trashed fep and raffles city shopping mall. Nothing for me to buy. She went on an accessories spree, splurging on all the pretties. I couldn't find anything worth it :( Spend a few hours catching up during (our messy) dinner, i like her company. Hehe.

And Creamy smsed me today. Was a nice shock. Am feeling shameful. I keep losing contacts because i just can't be bothered to back them up.

Kimmy -> I dunno, just not sure if i'll ever head back there again =/

Melly -> its damn sinful. meetup coming Monday 6-10pm in town? cause i'm getting victoriassecret from Dine then (: