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Friday, April 24, 2009

Blackmail Boutique

I am going to rush out another collection before flying next week.
And i see alot of pretty pieces (again)!!

It's gonna be a crazy day:
take stocks
upload/edit photos
send invoices
tally payment
packaging of parcels
post office trip

All these must be completed before i fly.
Weekend's burnt.


Dinner at BonGout with Marcus.
My all-time favorite squirter :b
Amazing backdrop: Japanese comics.
I love the rice ball, pork stew with ramen was pretty good too.
Salmon teriyaki was fresh and skin was crisp.
Agedashi tofu was well cooked.
$46 for 2, definitely a thumbs up (:
Drinks at Iguana after.
The soursop rita was traumatizing.
Think alfresco is not for me, with the humid and hot weather these days, give me the air con anytime man.