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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's a beautiful day

Mummy's birthday.
Yong Yi's.

Happy birthday. I love you, you and you! (:

Emily sis on the guitar.
Me on the ukulele because my violin IS OUT OF TUNE.
Eliza sis on the piano.
Together, we formed an ensemble to perform for our beloved Mummy.

Seafood dinner at Red House.
My first attempt un-shelling the crab.
Service was really good, they didnt charge us for the not-so-fresh-fish and offered not to have it replaced. Thumbs up.
Thank you Dadee for the good meal.


Sales have to pick up for the mini post!!
Intending to get a new watch.
My 21st birthday gift (GUESS watch) from Gerard is dying :(
I'm constantly looking at my wrist.
It has become a reliant piece of object i cannot do without.

Never let your head take orders and never let your heart dictate. You need to find a balance in both..