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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let go

12 hours of work.

1030am: meet customer to pass her the purchases
11am: post office trip
12pm: head over to shareholder's place
12-2pm: re-packing of store, tally stocks, check new arrivals (dust allergy, down with flu)
3-4pm: pack scrapztudio orders, work on SPRING proposal, found 2 more interested sleeping partners. Stress IS piling up on me.
4-6pm: attend to walk in customers (they spent hundreds, i am so happy!)
7-9pm: dinner and tuition
9-10.30pm: upload new products for launch on coming Sunday

In the midst, i have to clear enquiries for my apparel biz, send out invoices and tally payment.
Am about to break BUT i am utterly amazed at my work pace and achievements for the day.

Now Shanice, drop all your work, just go sleep.
Tomorrow's another long day.

You believe in me, but do i believe in myself?
I want to make it big.
I do.

Another day has passed..