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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Lovin'

What a pretty home.

Wei Shan is my amazing customer, she made the starter kit i made for her, "her own".
Lovely (:

This collection a huge success with 92% of the items sold!
How did other LJs become so big when they started off later than me.
Args. I'm not earning as much as i should be.
How to buy a house like that! :(


Went EMIRATES office to collect our tickets, and got a huge surprise when i saw San Ying working there. Its always nice to have someone you know, serve you personally.


VS rejected my order again.
So annoying :(

Amandeep -> omgggg hi babe!! how are you. hahaha. let me know if u need me to collect anything from your boy or if you need me to pass him anything k (:

Melly -> hohoho replied you via sms, 6th is gonna be exciting! shall we have a picnic?