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Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st Consultation

Was over in a jiffy.
She disputed the claim.
Nothing new.
Was given a date for my 2nd consultation (its compulsory before proceeding to a final hearing).
I've 2 weeks to get my exhibits, witness list and sequence of events ready by then.
Bring it on baby.


Lynn is selfless.
We had a good talk during lunch.
I hope the department will give me some time to consider the offer.
I'm still trying very hard to cope.
Thank you for the opportunity and faith in me (:

I still make tons of mistakes at work la...suckss..but if i don't make the mistake, i won't know what i don't know. Budi is so gentle and patient with me..but actually he is damn fierce to the other co-workers. He's going back to HK this Saturday. With Judy on 3 days leave next week, me, Lynn and Petula (vice-president) will be left in the office to rot and die.

Crossing my fingers.