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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Matthew 7:7

Just addressed my concerns to Mdm Phua (MP of my area).
Hopefully it'll give her a better idea before i go into an indept discussion with her during 'Meet The People's' session next Tuesday.

I hope she can represent my interest and im urging her to raise this matter in parliament, propose legislation to protect consumers from such unethical business practices.

Rushed down during lunch to submit my Claim form at the subordinate court.
God's presence was so strong, i just felt it. He knew i was in a rush, and very fortunately, i picked up a queue number that was left behind by someone: 235. Mine's suppose to be 240. And i waited for 2 claimants before it was my turn. That already took up 45mins. Leaving me with 15mins to rush back to office and gobble down 1 kiwi, 1 papaya and 1 dragonfruit, to last me till 10pm.

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Shannon is sucha caring senior. She bought me coffee, cheered me up with sweets, came over to massage me, make small talks. It's non-stop work from 9am-9pm. I barely went to the loo, drink water, IM with angie. Neverending, period.

Time lines to hit, volumes to clear. Reconciliation..suspense account..equity operations basically. But i need to build up my CV quickly. I cannot give up. At least gain 80% of the knowledge and move on for career advancement. Had a small pep talk with Lynn (team leader) before leaving today..she is very nice. I'm blessed.

Work was much smoother today. I'm still trying to get the flow..if i do this repeatedly, i might get a hang of it soon. Jiayou Shanice!


Commit all these to the great Lord. Trust in the Lord always.. He will give me justice & peace.

Angele -> how's your Europe trip!! (: nope, i wasnt 1 of those out there but i heard. We (the affected members) are very tightly connected via email/photos/news clippings with what's going on. We are getting all the media attention etc. This fraud case is gonna be as huge as when Dulai squandered money from NKF.