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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Went there solely for Sogurt.
But ended up walking every level after work with sis & Mum.

Really happy to see some merchants there: JasenSally, 'Nandos', Long John's Silver, Disney, Starbucks, Nubox etc

Bonus: Shaw, Cold Storage, NLB..big brands..
I love this mall! (:


Had another chat with Lynn, my team manager.
When Euan, Sei, Robert all popped by the pantry and gave me the 'eye'. Haha..
She's happy i'm intending to stay on next year. I think i am happy too (:
The details ain't quite worked out yet, but they'll come around soon i believe. Gonna bring up some issues with regards to my welfare, going forward.
I struggled for a while before coming to a decision. I'm doing this for myself. And i know it will be a good decision.
Hopefully everything will streamline soon..Petula my VP is leaving soon. The new analyst learning from me is pretty intelligent, and so im hoping she'll not give up..pick up the ropes soon so i can assist Judy in her daily tasks. After 5 weeks, im proud to declare that im really comfortable with my job scope already! Minus the long working hours of course..but this week has been very we got to leave early. Next week will be hell. I'm prepared to camp in office till 3am.

Sei's birthday on Thursday (:
He is my dearest AVP from the other department.
Most caring, patient and friendly supervisor in the world.
Thank you for believing in me.
You deserve nothing but the best.
Happy birthday!

Relationships are built, strengthened over the past few weeks.
God has been with me. He loves me, he loves you all too (:

Character building..
I am truly happy.
I hope you are too (:

RIVA by Chanel; limited edition.
This color is to die for isnt it! (:

Elie Saab Spring RTW 2011
Mad gorgeous, yes?

Melly -> thanks for calling me so happy to hear a familiar voice in the midst of work (: ilu!