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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bubble Tea Review

[the ultimate king of bubble tea]

likes: coffee mate and their tea goes so well together. grass jelly milk tea is a must try. i dont take their pearls so i can't comment much. order their ice cream milk tea if you like a slightly thicker and creamier version like myself

dislikes: the efffing long queue and wet plastic bags

[a fantastic substitute of the above]

likes: i was the only customer at Dhoby Exchange branch thus i didnt wait long for my virgin cup of milk tea. price is competitive at $2.40. Did i mention that their mini pearls/pudding is really good?

dislikes: i regretted telling the world this brand is good. Share Tea was way better than Eskimo!

Share Tea
[a fantastic substitute of KOI]

likes: the strong milk/cream taste, blends well with the tea!

dislikes: the overcooked pearls.

[sorry cannot make it]

likes: none

dislikes: the strong tea taste, the yucky caramel milk tea and the bitter grass jelly. gave them a good 8 tries and sorry, i don't like it. Will never ever queue up for it again.

[flavored drinks are better than the milk teas]

likes: efficient service

dislikes: sugar powder everything is overload with calories i don't need. havent had a cup there since...forever.


There you have it. My very humble verdict (: