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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bliss Bridal

Been spending some time with the Veronica baby.
Kids at 20-30 months can be so adorable!!
You don't wanna miss out their growing stage, really.

Can you tell i've put on some weight?
Gonna jog my arse off these few days before we fly next Wednesday.
1 year of office life has done me great harm :(

Went for wedding gown fit with sis and her fiancé.
It took almost 4 hours..but they have to settle for something so..yeah, i helped her picked out a few.
It was fun!
June would be me & lil' sis turn to pick out a bride's maid dress.
Can't wait!


Watching Tin PL's PAP introductory video for that 2mins was...
I was paying attention to her hair and the way she enunciates.
She looks like Kim Bong Cha from the noose.
And her last words: please vote for me.
Macham like secondary school oral exam...NEXT PLEASE!