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Thursday, May 26, 2011

In All Things,

Give Thanks:

1. Abba Father..forgiving my sins as i struggle to be a better person

2. Sky-view every night when i go to bed. What are the odds your bedroom faces the vast skies, getting to see the moon in full glory? Those living on the lower floors don't get to see shiat. But i hate it when the Sun rises in the morning..damn damn bright.

3. Family relations.

4. Providing for me no matter which course in life i choose. I may not be the brightest spark but i work hard to earn a decent income. I may be a little career-driven and labelled as a workaholic, but i will work towards a work-life-balance this year.

5. The amazing month-long Europe holiday. I'm recharged and ready to kick some asssss (: