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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Monarchy & Royal Wedding

credits to Blanche DuBois.

Yes im all drowned in their affair (:
Congratulations to the happy couple. hehe!
The love, the new member, the fashion, the future of the monarchy...
I'm here, at the Great Britain soaking up the atmosphere, hoyeah!

Long holidays; pre-easter, easter, post-easter, pre-wedding, royal wedding, post wedding, may about post bank hol blues..zzz...ANYWAYS, i'll be coming home soon!

PS: im excited to go home because im way off comfort zone. no money. too cold. getting fat. needa pack parcels for impatient customers (i still love them to death!), settle bills and pass friends their request from Europe. Keep having nightmares not lying! :( i hate sleeping alone at night..its really too bad Luke's place is so big and im given 1 room while they are snuggling up to each other. pouts.