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Monday, June 06, 2011


Well, i guess the report isnt exactly what i'd call, perfect.
It's either i go on the pill to regulate my period OR i stop inducing stress on myself.
Did the pap smear as well...didn't like the feeling. Args.

At least the $208.60 gave me a piece of mind.

I am not infertile (duh!) but the irregularity will make it hard to predict when i'm ovulating, thus hard to plan for a baby in the future. I guess i'll worry and discuss that with my gynae when the day comes?

Of course i believe in God's will etc..its a little too early to worry when i dont have a boyfriend as yet.

Done all 3 tests. Completed my HPV jabs. Im guessing i passed all, but maybe not with flying colors. Praise God nonetheless (:


Ran 6km+ with YX and Chris in the evening. Pooped out.