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Sunday, July 01, 2012


1st meal with Marcus' foster parents at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant.
We held hands and his Dadee said grace in mandarin, feels like a family already.
Went well i suppose..they asked questions pertaining my his Mummy de-shelled the prawns for me! Super loved (:
But yes, i am allergic to this seafood.
I'm pwetty sure they'll get along well with my parents!


Short weekend getaway with my colleagues:

Bought some nuts, T2, Supre overload, tons of handcream, a huge packet of potato chips from Coles, and maybe 4 CK bras for a steal. Haha! Awesome sales! Went crazy on Japanese food, i dunno why but its all over the streets.

Best part about the trip was the company and we were truly blessed with good weather.
Thank God for protection and journey mercy (: