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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SEA Aquarium

MINDEF family day at SEA aquarium (:

It's been some time since we hung out as a family the entire day.
The place was jammed pack with people (as usual, where isn't?)!
Those were some snacks given in a goodie bag to tide us through the day in Sentosa, as well as $105 worth of meal vouchers.

The food at Malaysian Street wasn't quite up to standard, everything at the snack bar was overpriced.
Cost $4 to enter Sentosa by the Sentosa Express, via Habourfront MRT station (4 min frequency).
Cheapest way will be via shuttle bus.

Still very much in awe with the sea creatures even though it was my 2nd time there.
The sea jellies, dolphins and stingrays being my top favourites!

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