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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Semarang Adventure 4D3N

We decided on this trip during Christmas gathering last year.
Everyone played a role in ensuring the success of this holiday.
We booked Air Asia to Semarang and stayed at Star Hotel, which has an awesome sky pool btw.

Enjoying our first dinner at Semarang: Gama Candi.
I recommend you try the fried fish with some black sauce and also the salted egg fried chicken.
You can give the desserts and avocado drink a miss.
Everything is relatively sweeter in Indonesia so don't be surprised if you get sugar-high after ordering Teh botol or Teh Manis.

Had to wake up at 1am for the 3 hours ride to Borobudur Temple for the Sunrise experience. Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning and we didn't manage to see the "egg-yolk".
Sunrise tickets cost RP380.000 per pax, they provide free touch lights which you have to return before exiting and they give a free scarf for keepsake. You can sit down for tea/coffee after you are done too. Another UNESCO heritage site conquered! Its nearer Yogyakarta actually.
Kudos to our driver, Atok for the 2 days we engaged him. He was friendly, easy going, speaks English and brought us to places on demand. He is an experienced driver and gave us all the necessary information we need throughout the tour. Especially with the language barrier. Will leave his contact card at the end of the entry.

The highly raved: Suharti Ayam Goreng.
1 whole chicken cost RP98.000+ but you have my word this is superb.
On the 3rd day, we went to Umbul Sidomukt. It was a pretty bumpy and steep ride up the mountain but Atok is an experienced driver so that was good! The journey time was 45min-1hr. You can choose to do ATV, horse-riding, high-elements or just enjoy a dip in the spring water. There is an entrance fee is RP10.000 per pax.

Enjoying our RP5.000 corn after the activities.

Made an impromptu trip to Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active strata-volcano. 2 jeeps cost us RP700.000 for a 90mins ride. This one is Atok's recommendation because we had quite a bit of free time and it wasn't far from Umbul Sidomukti.

Atok took us around Semarang, we tried authentic local food and the Mie Ayam was delicious! Fruits like longan, rambutan, avocado and mangoesteen are pretty inexpensive. I particularly like this biscuit shop: Toko Oen. The biscuits cost approximately RP13.500 for 100grams.

Fruits are about RP23.000-35.000 per kilograms on the roadside. A typical meal cost RP7.000 but slightly more expensive if we choose to eat at a restaurant.

On the last night of our trip, we went to IBC for some delicious local food. They are famous for the tilapia fish dishes. The kembeng oven dish was truly unforgettable!

Yummeh bowl of Nasi Soto Ayam (:

Not forgetting the traditional creme bath which i had to introduce the girls.
RP33.000 for hair treatment and massage.
Fantastic or what.

Presenting Rainbow Lapis and the traditional Kueh Lapis which Atok recommended us.
You may contact him if you are heading to Semarang or Yogyakarta.
Looking forward to our 2016 getaway! (:
Enjoy the video below:

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