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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review: Nateen Diapers

Audria at age 14 months is using size Small.
She weighs 7kg and technically can fit into Medium size as well but Small fits her tiny waist and bum better.

Small: 3-6kg
Medium: 7-11kg

We ordered from Uncle Newton. Its slightly cheaper as compared to purchasing from QO10.
Ordering 2 cartons will entitle you to free home delivery.
I requested for M size samples and he came with the sample for both tape and pull up pants.

1 carton: 160 pieces for S ($43.50)
1 carton: 144 pieces for M ($43.50)

Though slightly pricer/premium as compared to Merries/Mamy Poko, i really like the feel of this diaper. It originated from Belgium.

It is thin, absorbent and extremely soft to touch.
Best of all, it doesn't leak.
You might notice the slightly understated design of the diaper.
No cartoons, no prints. But it does what a diaper is suppose to do.
And it does a super good job.

I usually wear Audria in Merries at night and Mamy Poko/GooN/Dryers/Huggies for day.
We use slightly better diapers to ensure she doesn't suffer from nappy rash.
Ever since we were introduced to Nateen, we were totally sold.

Try it for yourself to believe (:

Newton: +65 9370 4269 and/or +65 8125 4298

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