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Friday, April 07, 2017

Review: Playkeroo at 100am Mall

We love how that it is new, smells clean and is super spacious on a weekday.

There are sufficient walkers, toy cars and big bouncy balls to go around.
Oh, and that trampoline got me excited!!
Its slightly dangerous for an infant so be sure to watch your little one who might bounce off if an older kid jumps on it. At your own discretion.

There is this infant play area right at the entrance of the indoor playground.
Audria loved climbing the steps and using the slope as a slide.
Sorry we forgot to take photos.
It was so deserted, it was too cold to hang around for long.

What excited my 14 month old toddler was also this huge floor piano mat.
She loved watching it light up!

I heard they turn on UV lights at night to kill the germs and they run the balls in a proper ball-washer.
So i suppose they value hygiene a lot.

Charges are $12 for 6 months old and above.
If you have the Groupon deal, its $8.50.
You may re-enter multiple times and its up to 2 accompany adults.

Socks are sold for $3. So please remember to bring along your own pair.
Cool-de-sac at Suntec Convention charges $2 only.

If you intend to sign on a package, it cost $55 for 6 entries.
This price includes the animal battery-operated ride (up top $5 for 5min).
As its new, i think its worth signing up.

There are also plenty of restaurants at level 4 if you need to refuel.
I recommend these 3 places:

Salmon Samurai (not child friendly)
Yayoi (Salmon Terriyaki Set)
Chicken thigh ramen place (they have high chair for your baby)

Have fun!! (:

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