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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Shenton Way

This is a personal, non-advertorial review on the latest branch at OUE downtown gallery, Shenton Way.


View of the indoor sand playground, log house, slide, track and water play

Children toilet

Reading area (coincidentally also Audria's fav activity)

Pre-nursery classroom (Where Audria will be at, mostly for 18-24 months toddlers)

Waiting area at the entrance (already making herself at home haha)

We asked some questions during the school tour.
There were still in the midst of renovation and setting up (i see teachers decorating the space).
We couldnt quite get the full glory of the space, so we will be back once they are officially opened.

Basically for full day child care (7am-7pm), the kids have an extensive monthly meal plan (Menu A,B,C,D) cooked by Mulberry's in-house kitchen.
An area to sleep in (we provide bedsheets and they will provide the rest).
And also activities to engage them. Only the older kids get to go for outdoor excursions. Audria will be confined to this centre as long as she is below 2.
Since it is fully air-conditioned, i am slightly concerned by the spread of HFMD and all the other viruses lurking around.

Environment wise, its really very conducive and the kids have lots of things to do/play.
They even have a baking/cooking studio!
If I'm a kid, yes please, bring me to this school.

The infants are confined to the infant area. They will not be mixing around with the older children as their immunity is still not as robust. They do have a spa room for baby massages etc.

Once enrolled, the child is required to buy a set of uniform $26+.
A starter kit which comprise of a backpack, laundry bag and some other random knacknicks $30+.
Insurance, of course.
I dont remember the exact figure but plus minus, for pre-nursery, we are looking at a monthly figure of $2000. This excludes working mum subsidy.

Premium price, premium expectations? (:

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