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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Review 1: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Marymount

This entry is based on my personal opinion and not sponsored.

Mulberry Learning Centre at 38 Jalan Pemimpin #01-05/06, Singapore

Having visit the OUE branch and this at Marymount, we decided to transfer Audria over.
1) its nearer our home
2) there is an outdoor play area
3) school fees are lower due to the smaller sq ft.

At 22 months, she will have her first taste of what school life is like.
I think i have equipped her well from our time together.
She is a bright and intelligent girl (:

Let's get straight to a general outlook of the space.

Entrance is nice and bright with faces of students on their computer for fever logbook and pigeon holes for shoes etc.
Their time table and menu is pinned up nicely too.
Outdoor area not 100% completed but there will be some sand/water play too.
Its a little sunny in my opinion but beats no outdoor area.

OUE's play area is completely indoors, air-conditioned.
Germs, bacteria breeding ground, if you don't mind.

Once you enter the studio space, you will see this huge glasshouse. Thats the chinese literacy space. Audria loves the hand puppets there.

On the right is where Audria will be spending most of her time.
Playing and exploring in this bright open space.
Mulberry focuses on Habits of the Mind.
Personally, i want Audria to learn through play.
Thus, the primary reason why we signed her up in this school.

The other studio spaces for craft, cooking, baking, eating and reading.
Audria is particularly excited about the reading corner.
I hope the books survive her flipping (:

As of now, the school have yet to onboard that many kids. So the children sleeps in the darker studios during nap time. "Beds" are provided but you have to bring your own bedsheets or blanket. No extra money required to purchase a bed.

Uniform wise, we got 2 sets for free. Registration fee was waived as we signed up during their open house. The process is pretty straight forward. Take your forms, fill them in and submit another day. If you require transportation to and fro your home, its additional $200+. Not sure if we want to do that yet; will monitor her progress and how quickly she settles in the new environment.

My only concern is with the bathroom. Sorry i don't have photos as i was too shock to take a picture.
Its very cramp. They have to shower in pairs or groups. Girls in theirs, boys in theirs.
I cannot deal with the idea.
Someone enlighten me if its ok?

Prayer requests:

1) attentive and loving teachers
2) for Audria to settle well from 1 December
3) curious mind and heart to learn/explore
4) protection from bacteria, viruses, germs, knocks and falls
5) minimal separation anxiety for me and Audria

Have a feeling i am going to miss my baby girl so much.
It frees up my time to do more things i love or didn't have time to do.
But we know that this is beneficial and she will learn so much more through play.
If she doesn't like it, we will just take her out. But likely, she will settle in beautifully (:
Because Audria is a brave warrior of the most high and no amount of tears will stop her from going to school to have fun.
You can do it, Audria!

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