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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Where do I start?

My heart aches.

For my FiL:
His kidney is functioning at 18%; heart problem is causing his kidneys to fail.
Don’t think he is taking his medicines regularly and he seems to be drinking quite heavily still. The bottle we bought last wed for him is emptied out by today. He told us he will drink a little each day but it seems like everyone’s perception of quantity is different. It will be his final bottle from us. I’m sorry Dad, we cannot do this anymore.
Last week, we tried evangelizing to him.
I tried speaking in Mandarin and nearly cried telling him how much Jesus loves him.
Today, I saw him lying in bed, feeling uncomfortable. His room was dark, the house was quiet. He laid there motionless. I asked Marcus, what can we do for him? My heart aches for a father I never felt connected with.

For my Dadee:
MRI done, scope done, biopsy results out.
In and out of TTSH and ICU the last 2 months.
There is an urgency to get him saved, to introduce him to a good Father, to receiving this joy he never once felt. Still, he is not ready or comfortable with the idea of converting. You see, we are not just looking at him being converted. But to a whole new relationship with the one true God and having eternal life. He asked for medical miracles, but we know better than to put God to the test. Blessed are those who didn’t see, yet believed. We can only pray at a trying time like this. How much time does my Dadee have? 1 month? 3 months? We don’t know. What can we do for him?
Spend more time with him. Reflect God’s love.

It’s only the 2nd day of 2018 and here I am weeping on bus 7.