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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Review 2: Mulberry Learning Centre @ Marymount

After 5 months in Mulberry, i witnessed how much Audria have matured.

She enjoys her time in school; the teachers give unanimous feedback that she is a cheerful and obedient girl. She eats well, plays well with her friends and is enthusiastic when it comes to learning or singing.

Simple things like crossing her leg, hands on lap, giving me full attention when i read to her or pass her an instruction, i really reap the benefits of sending her to school. Keeping her toys, packing her bag, putting her shoes away nicely, using indoor voice when necessary are basic EQ kids pick up along the years. But im proud she has learnt it well and fast through her days in school.

As per all schools, they encourage self feeding.
They complimented that Audria feeds herself very well.
But i tell you, its a disaster at home ok!! Don't say

By 26 months, she is able to differentiate left and right, recognise colours, days of the week, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, sounds, animals, 1-10, A-Z. All the stuff that kids will eventually come to know. I am learning to take the chill pill when it comes to education. Learning through play at this stage is more important to me. Biblical teachings, good habits, good mindset is top priority.

Ok please Audria, brush up on your mandarin. Don't end up like Mummy. Now i gotta learn some words from her chinese teacher too. Haha. Lets learn together baby.

I am only contemplating on ballet and Berries class when she turns 3.
Music, swim, can come later?
Or maybe send her back to Heguru since she enjoyed it so much.
But one thing for sure, all these supplementary classes must be conducted during school hours. I don't want to spam her with classes on weekends and/or after weekdays 5pm.
Rise when the sun rises, sleep when the sun sets.

Back to topic.

Library trips, excursions, holiday programs, musical, i sign her up for all.
The time with her teachers and friends is something i cannot offer even if the activity is the same.
I can bring her for library trip myself, save the $8 per school trip. But the experience is different, you know what i mean?

Ok, lessons wise, i think the school is doing a great job at putting Habits of the Mind into practice. No doubt.
Food menu, i see from frozen food (aka mantou) offered during breakfast. I try not to get too worked up. Mind you, Audria have yet to go McDonalds. Haha. We offer table food when she turned 2, but im still selective. Depends la.

She picked up some singlish at school. I am not ok with that so i raised my concerns with the J and the teachers. They are working on it right now.
I speak singlish, but definitely not to her.

Speaking of which, i have been to 1 Parent Teacher Session in April.
We chat on Audria's progress and they addressed my concerns etc.
I mean we can check with the teachers after school if we have questions or want to find out more about the kid's progress or mood or whatever. But PTS was a little more detailed.

I like her PN teachers.
I think they are really good and Audria is very blessed to have them.

They did mess up a couple of times. What, you may ask?

-forget to return her water bottle at day end
-forget to return me her milk container
-mix up her uniform with some other kiddo
-squeezed 2 legs into 1 pants opening, resulting in bruises, scratches
-wore her diaper front to back, back to front, resulting in rash outbreak
-full diaper, never change, resulted in accidents during her journey home
-soiled diaper, they didn't realise. so i brought her home with poop all over my arms
-missing information on student contact book
-administration delays and incompetency

And so i told J (the principal) some blunders shouldn't even be made.
I don't want to sound like a complacent parent, a trouble maker.
But hey, we pay $1xxx. Its x2 or x3 of other childcare.
With that, i have certain expectations.
They are a reputable school, thats 1. And it also reflects how they problem solve.
If they keep brushing it off or try to find excuses to "protect" their staff, then i guess when i reach my tolerance level, BUBYE Mulberry.

But otherwise, on average days, everyone is courteous and polite to each other.
Thats when they do their freaking job.
Yes, end of rant.

Sometimes they text me when they spot a bruise, which is something commendable because i don't check on her every time she falls down. Sometimes bruise takes a few hours or days to show up.

But honestly after 5 months, would i recommend particularly this centre, depends.
Go elsewhere, try other branch. They are good, but they are also not good.
Nothing special i feel, and i think with the teacher-student ratio, they have overlooked on way too many things. So little kids already, still make so many blunders.

What are your thoughts?
Am i too picky?
Write to me (: