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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Am starting work at ZOUK next Friday. Got hired on the spot by Oliver last Tuesday. Praying Jasmine will be hired so i've company.

ACID BAR was concerned about my concentration level in school if they continued hiring me. What i think is that they shouldnt judge my ability to study and work. I think Olivia could've came up with a better excuse. You bet its a place for school-dropouts, no kidding look around. I'm so done with that bar. And thank you for everything.

I wouldnt say that i am pissed but very frustrated at the way the lower-educates look at undergraduates. Shut up Jenn, if you're reading this u'll prolly pick on me instead right. Go away.

Sometimes, i wonder why bother working when im a full-time student. I might not be filthy rich but i dont need people to judge me on why i dont smoke and dont i've work to complete at home.

Now i know why people think that people who club're "bad'. Its the impression of cigarettes, alcohol, attitute, body gestures and going-home-late. They need people with brains of a smoking coconut at the bar instead of 'bookworms' like me. Gasps. Sorry, thats bad news for us all.

If you're really concerned about me, then i guess im apologatic. But right now, i look down on you, idiots.

I am agitated now. But tomorrow'll be better and brighter. Forget the past and concentrate on the present.

School have been a bore. Congratulate me on my 1 week break. I so need the air.

I did a favour for my frikkin lil' sis yesterday at Plaza Singapura. Saw her fav artiste (Read:Shawn). And im forced to take a pic of him. Goes like this:

Me: hi, my sis is a big fan of you. do u mind a pic? *puts my face so blardy close to him*
Shawn: oh, okie. *smiles*
Me to another girl artiste he was with: Er..i guess u can take a pic with him as well.
------------camera clicks-----------------
Me: thanks alot. *stoic-look & walks out of shop*

How embarrassing..if not for my sis. *curses*

Breakout...i hate you, period.

I so needa deal with hatred.

Zihui -> haha, you're sucha babe. Face wont be any worser than mine. Hee..please meet up soon. I'm waitin for ya call!! Study hard for Os!! Im behind ya! And oh God, dont talk about the whole media and teevee crap. I cant believe it. *faints*

Liyu -> just take any pics u want lar. haha..was goo catching up with ya for a short while last sat. love ya girl. =)