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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Told Lesley i'm going lingerie shopping with Pauline and she said i only have a pair of boobs. *faints* I know what is Naz gonna think about this. Haha. "Speak to my hands."

Changed my Square-Cut from Eve (straight) to Marissa (bootcut). Never satisfied with whichever piece i have. The wash all seems weird. No wonder they sell spoilt pieces, ten bucks cheaper. No, Woman got me the $139.50 one. Haha. Anyway, on his birthday, there'll be 25% discount. Was thinking of getting the silver label pair. *grins*

Material wants...sigh...

Christie Stubbins (my sec1 bestie) will be back from Brisbane on the 20th November. That's like so very soon!!! I'm kinda excited, except my exams wont be over by then. *sulks* Following that is Cheryl (my bestie) coming back from Melbourne on the 25th November. My hols're packed..Haha..i've to fit in so many people! Zihui & Eunice, you have priority! =)

Below're the wedding photos for last Sunday. My cousin Alan looks so young still lar!! You have to agree with me that his bride is VERY pretty. =) Enjoy.

Naz -> Haha, thought somebody dont like the Sun?? say one huh! 2nd week of Decembe, you go Sentosa with me and Shuyun. Haha, dont u dare turn us down. Well, Giordano calls it crew-cut mah! money's hard-earned okie!!! Before u sleep, remember to think of me on wed, fri and sat! Haha..gotta save the bulk of them! Mum's hot of my heels! =/ She say wanna spend then might as well dont work in the first place. Haha..