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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, Chris

AeonFlux was good. Only with dirtyboy beside me.. =) Though it was only 4 hours......... *grins...private thoughts* Being in love and loved is wonderful!

Lime celebration outside Cineleisure. Lotsa Malays.

Woman's birthday today..lunch treat at Din Tai Fung from him. I owe you ya present..deadline's 6 months from now right? Haha. *skips ard*

I wanna go Sentosa and catch up with my friends after exams!! And of course STRIP with Melly!!

Quite done with shopping actually. Am waitin for Christmas..haha.."its better to give than to receive". But i dont have a habit of buying presents for people on Christmas. Think i'll be working on the eve..

And 1 week break from work'll definitely benefit me. Anyway, Christie Stubbins disappeared and Cheryl's not contactable. O_o

Peichin -> busy that night. said bye to ur sister though. haha..u had fun there girl?? glad i saw u!! =))

Xiumei -> haha..same same..havent ran for ages! IBM was alright..he did revision, wasnt too boring. haha..looking fwd to exams or not! seeya tmr for math paper! good luck! :P

Melly -> Wheelock at 13th after 4pm!! =) confirm huh! Haha..cant wait to get rid of the fuzzzz. and i still want my haircut & lashes done! Sentosa soon nots??