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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fishiiies no more!

Bone stuck in my tonsil. Ended up at TTSH's a&e for approximately 5hours. Damn.

Hopefully the infection goes down soon.

No more fishes for me. Not till i get over it. O_o

Baybeeboy came over to see me. Felt like some sorta house-visit. Oh please. Haha.

Really tired. Might wake up for soccer later.

Anyway, i wenta check out the COACH wristlet at Takashimaya. I love it!! Feel like gettin the Soho Leather one. Its kinda vintage. =)

Oh damn, the silk babydoll dress from Victoria Secrets no more stock!!!!! *curses*

CJS -> cheers for jaw-mate!! haha..i love hips dont lie too!! christ alone..all-time fav choir song (: how're u babe, enjoying the hols right! haha.

Melly -> babe, i've work next week from mon-fri 9am to 6pm. Doubt i'll be on time to join u girls for some shopping!! ='( last minute recruit express called and i told them i dont mind working for a week. haha. Kachings!!!

Chris -> wah, u evil shit. of course i ran. am still good k! im fit! haha. if not how to be best runner of college last time! chey! u think only u can run ar! hahaha..melly's good at gym too lor! (: seeya for dimsum soon woman!

Zihui -> haha, forgot to post them up mah!!! *grins* study hard babe! PS: still treating him like a d*g??? muahahaha..hope all's well!! =)