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Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy birthday Wyn, Serene

UK student's fair: Bumped into Ivan and Sheryl Loke. Was a boring job tryin to promote SingTel ICC cards. And i felt giving for that day so wasnt that competitive. Dined at Han's with Faith after that. I actually like the Alfredo!

Faith, i saw you exactly 22 times (and counting) from May till July. Oh my gawd??!! O_o yes, i counted. Haha.

Met up with Liyu at SFX for mass then it was HappyDaze for the next 3.5hrs on a Saturday night. Glad you lightened up for at least that night. =) When's our next date!! Remember you can turn to me, anytime, anyday k!

Sunday evening was spent with baybeeboy. Watched Grandma's boy..super crude and at some scenes, i couldn't bring myself to watch it. He had to pull the pillow off my face. Haha.

Suddenly, i felt that things were better. It's been some time since i last felt this way, maybe because i've learnt to cherish the way ya touch my hair or the way ya kissed my head or the whiney-you when ya asked for ice-cream and kisses. Love u muchly hon (:

Dine -> funny u asked me that. tried chatting with u on MSN and there's no reply? Melly's busy with school and driving i think. School's starting for me, please lets meet up now before we dont get the chance anymore!! Haha. This thurday???

Peichin -> seeya on Wed!!! (: