MMS Friends

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Too much.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't do anything so so so low-down.

And it has affected me because the person has taken up my identity and hell, she knows me even.

Some of you are aware that most of my account with the password of FUCK23, has been hacked into a couple of weeks back. Its only recently that i found out. Lesson learn; never share your password with your friends. Because you never know when they'll lose their mind.

So, this person (cheater!!) who has taken my identity went creating hell for herself and made it to main page of ******* with 4 pages of comments.

Poor blurblurme. But her lj nick is making a mockery outta herself as well isn't it.

And with my damn ex-password, i got myself fcuked.


Password security compromised. Hacked.