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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, heman!

What a nice celebration at PitchBlack yesternight. =) Ghostbusters-ed with the college peepz on the 2nd level of the shophouse, dug-in to popcorns, drank softdrinks from the long-ago glass-bottles, cupcakes, lolipops, back to the past moosik. The best party of the year!

So many familiar faces. Plus, a couple of good looking guys. Maybe gays, i wouldnt know. Haha, nice friendly people. Was good seeing marcusquirtz and amanda and joyce (best dressed to the theme award, given out by yours truly) and kaikian my fellow draco president again. Hell of a party lah!

Prettiest there, no doubt was the birthday boy's sister. Haa, im not a pervert. But i really do think she possess some form of beauty which makes me gush at how pretty she is. No, please dont start freaking out. Haa, all in the name of fun! Not like you guys dont know me. Heh.

Starved my stomach with meegoreng from Zam-Zam with the twins Tirene/Tisha and Luke. Followed by lotsa sausages and lolipops and fruit-tarts and eclaire. Yummy. The door-gift, truly reminded me of those primary school parties/childrens' day. All in all, i think the party was well-planned and i know lavish efforts had been put into it. So, i've enjoyed myself and i hope the birthday boy did too! (:

And as requested by Zihui babe, this is the final product of the scrapboard. I so wanted to kill myself when i got ur call that u found the metal grid thing at Daiso. Sobs. The effect could've been much greater! Haa, from the 1st day you saw me doing it at ur place till now (thats like 2 frikkin weeks!), its finally completed (not really actually, a little far from what i wanted it to turn out). Was quite a disappointment because of my paper-choice.

But i must admit i'd sucha high expectation of myself i didnt want to give this to you. I had to get people to convince me it was alright. Haha. But there you go, glad you really like this gift Shu. At least my efforts wont go to a waste (: And Edward's, he helped me alot with the photos. Haa.

Well, 've fun with all your presents! Certainly makes birthday parties exciting. Haa.

I like ripping presents apart. O_o out-of-point but i still must say so.

Heh, suppose to help with the drinks. But seeing so many people around certainly confuses me. Like i dunno what am i suppose to do and what am i not suppose to do. So i decided to go chill up on the couch upstairs with the twins. And damn Gary, he's just so funny!!! =b I had to throw popcorns at him to make him sit! Haaa.

Most shocking question of the night. Its from Gary. "Why did you lock up your blog". Haha, you see, thats part of the problem. I think its kinda scary; i think people who dont read my blog actually reads my blog!

But anyways, thanks for inviting me! Happy 21st birthday once again!

Time to get down to writing new year resolution (if any gets done any year) haha. But its gonna be the 1st new year without babyboy. 3 new years spent together, not for the 4th new year though. Ohwells.

Next, must thank Woman and Tirene for the christmas gifts. Thankyou!

I >3 The Children of Hougang. Forever (:

PS: i know not all of us live in hougang but yeah. Off hougang is fine too! Haha.