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Friday, August 10, 2007

Jenalyn turns 21

A cosy birthday celebration at Jen's humble home along Brockhampton Drive. Fine buffet dining, such intellectual games and erm...lots of koropok and sausages for me to munch on. Haha.

Dress code for ladies: floral prints. Wow, thats definitely a bonus for me cause i've many floral prints in my wardrobe.

Peichin was the only one missing from our clique :( anyways, we got your advanced 21st present!! Come collect it before this weekend ya!

It was truly an honour to be there because she invited about 10 close friends only. Her closely knitted family/relatives made up the majority.

Hope you like the Precious Moment figurines we got you and may you have a blessed 21st my dear! (: