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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wedding Bells

And so brother's wedding date has been confirmed. It will be at IHM on the 20th of October 2007. A pity i wont be bringing a partner with me.
I remembered asking him to go with me this year..all those promises we had for each other..when i was using my old hp yesternight, i looked into the folder i saved all his sms..just a year ago, things were so sweet and i possibly took it for granted.
We were just not meant to be.
Remind me not to fall in love with the next guy. I just refuse to give my heart away. Everyone gets hurt in a relationship. You, you and you. And i dont like the feeling.
So, congratulations Godbrother. It a pity Godpa can't see you get hitched but i think he's gonna be happy. But nobody's happier than Godma (:
PS: i spent Mooncake festival eating maggie mee at 1130pm. Mooncake makes me fat. I'm trying to maintain 40kg. Trying hard.