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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our "Drama"

Liyu asked me to order the entire batch of forever21 for her.
After which, she asked for printscreen and confirmation of order.

Then she bugged me on 3 occasions over a time span of less than 24 hours for it through:

1) email
2) phone call
3) sms

Finally ending with "did you order something for yourself" when i questioned why she need the confirmation.

It was obvious she didnt trust me. And making use of me. If she wanted the entire order to herself, she shouldnt have troubled me to order for her. You wanted "as little trouble for me", yet not knowing you ended our friendship. Thinking my maid is her free labour. Thereafter coming up with "intentions"saying she needed to account to HER friend.

What could go wrong that you've to account to your friend? I placed the order and handled all financial matters. If there's anything, 999 is just a phone call away.

She thinks i'm petty/sensitive and creating a drama out of nothing. I'm trying to evaluate. Because we were good friends and i think you didnt trust me. It doesnt feel good at all. Your side of the story is not convincing. To me or to anyone else that know you. Yes there's nothing you can do about it if i don't believe what you've to say.

This drama speaks little of you and me, but i will still blog about it.
Takes 2 hands to clap.
If i've to kick a big fuss out of it, i certainly will.
She's being sour i didnt mail out her parcel "fast enough" when i'm buried in work and didntve time to go to the PO other than on saturdays.
She didnt understand. She refuted by saying she works "20hours a day".
So you should know why is it impossible to hit the PO on weekdays.
So she's taking revenge by "taking her time" to transfer me the shortage for postage.

All the "dear"s, smiley faces, "why are you so mean to me"...yadayada..its not working man. You doubted me, and you still dont want to admit it. I didn't blame you. I blame myself for being too helpful. Its all my fucking fault. Right?

What one-sided story? This is the entire side to the whole drama.
I hate it when people're afraid to acknowledge their feelings or thoughts.
When ever since did i threatened you?
You feeling insecure or what?

I'm sure many of you know the drama by now.
Thankyou for saying she's not worth my keeping. Afterall i've done for you.
You, your life, your family, me being there for you when you cry your breasts off.
You know nothing about my life when i sit down to hear/know everything you've to say about your life. You don't need me anymore right.
Its over, officially.

And i will hold back my tears (plus icy hands) "the friendship was over long ago when you embarked on the whole threaten/blame game. :-) :-)"

I dont want to talk about it anymore.

Keep the $3.56 for your condoms. Or not.


And if you (the readers of my blog) think i'm damn scary or mean, think again. Why would i bite you if you didnt slap me. I'm cunning, intelligent, whatever, but i will protect myself from getting hurt.

I've been selective when it comes to picking friends.
And after 9 years with her, i realised it takes only 1 hour for everything to become nothing.
To put it bluntly, its over money.
Else, its about the trust and honesty.
I'm torn. I am.