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Monday, November 17, 2008


Day 1 at Bank of America:

location - convenient
environment - good
bosses - friendly
desk - dusty, faces RC Hotels (my previous employer)
lunch - bad bad bad, dunno how to fight for table during lunch at CBD. queues're ultra long.
job scope - havent really started
team mates - older than me but easy going (:

It was more like an orientation today. But lecture style. Sleepy!
Need coffee from tmr onwards.

Dinner and Dance at Oosh (dempsey) next Friday. Woohoo!!

My thoughts: must be careful, meticulous and systematic. Highly confidential documents so i have to zip zip zip. Else will get sacked. Scary huh.

Saedah -> MOVIE!!!!

Melissa -> the exclusive one is it? haha.