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Monday, April 27, 2009

Love yourself first

5.45am morning jog at the park.
Plugged on my ipod, did 4km.
It was a breeze.
I thought i might not be strong enough (mentally) to finish it considering the fact i'm kinda lazy these days.
I've this unsightly layer of unhealthy fat around my tummy. Not suppose to be there.

Godma was doing qi gong along with 30 other grey-haired citizens.
Waited for her to finish the routine, did yoga in the middle of the park. Ha.

Morning dew, air surrounding so cool on the skin.
Park full of elderly people, i am the only one of my age there.
Watched kids go to school, adults traveling to work.
Lorong Ah Soo infamous morning jam.
Sky turning dark to bright..
It's been a while, i think i'm taking too many things for granted.


Flying tmr, luggage not packed.
Jasmine and Cheryl and Yingjing said its COLDD. I'm elated because i'll get to dress up in coats and boots!
Ed's helping me with today's post office trip, very grateful.
Perhaps i ought to get a driver's license. Dadee has been going on and on abt it..
Bank in cheque, change currency, make a final trip to Emirates, pass Elle her online purchase and then i can sit down have a good dinner with Faith & Amber at Breeks.
And hopefully when i get back home, i'll be happy to see that i've more emails to attend to (:

Liz -> HELLO YOU :b i realised yesterday's conversation stretched on for hours! No, i forgot you went MP for aircon! hahahahaha.