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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dirtyboy

While couples've a monthly or yearly anniversary, i've come to realised that we can't remember our date. O_o

Sneak from my diary:

".........He held my hand as we crossed the road........then we went up to the last level so he could make his birthday wish........."

".........Yes, Maurice's birthday today. It's just like any normal day because he's stuck in camp. Said my smses are the 1st good thing today......."

Wont be able to see him today as well. Army's got a hold of him, sigh. I'm a little against belated celebration..but cant wait to see him this weekend. Let's indulge in our favourite Belgium Chocolate from Haagen Dazs. *grins*

Realised my darling've everything he needs-shoes, clothes, bags, cologne, facial products, entertainment stuff. So i've decided to bake brownies for the 1st time, for my dirtyboy! Hoho! He wants me to save the money for presents anyway. Alright then, material gifts can be given on Christmas anyway. =)

When next Feb come, it'll be exactly 3 years since we first crossed each other's path.

At some point or other, guess we'll all start to drat birthday celebrations. But it'll never go wrong thanking your Mom or spending some time with people you love..