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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hit the Mark

Was at Tirene's place for dinner in the evening. Beautiful picking things up from where we left off a couple of months ago. I just wanna see everyone together on the 26th!! =))

Shuming, Chris, Luke, Edward, Tirene and myself. It's gonna be awesome! *skips ard*

Went shopping after school. Got a decent brown skirt from EBASE at a discounted price of $39.20. Very pretty.. =) It looks fine but perhaps a shoestring too long on a petite frame. Nevertheless, I love it!

Jennifer Lopez's new parfum <LIVE> finally out!! And yes, i'll buy it just for the sake of owning that gorgeous potion-like-shaped bottle.

Work on Wed, Fri & Sat. Will be frikkin tired. Sigh. But money makes the world go round because its nearing the festive season....which means........SHOPPING!!! It is Women's prerogative anyway right! *grins*

Bioskin assessment tmr. Fcuk i need more treatments on my chest than on my face. The nasty zits're driving me nuts!! I wanna wear tubes and spags and dresses!! Damn the dirty environment at Zouk and the disgusting unwashed uniform lar. Curses...