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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I shame my race

More lingerie. Can't stop buying them. I don't know why.

Saw the AztecRose catalog for this Summer. Awesome! I wanna get this particular set of bikini. Beach, anyone? =) And this fabulous sexy black tube dress too. Must try it the size one day.

Saw Kian Zi, Aurelia and Crystal at Zouk. Miss my babe so much!! The girls're all dressed up and i look like crap in the luminating orange uniform. *groans* And i earned the least yesternight because it closed so frikkin early!

First day of work for Jasmine. Haha. Good that i have 1 more company. Though i practically know most of the staff there already. The security guys love disturbing me..haha..a bunch of quirky people. *grins* They wanna go DblO tonight?? Oh fcuk..leave me out, have got a biz mgmt test tmr and econs test next Tues. Pity me.

Rel gave us more lessons on drink concoctions and prices. Maybe i can be a bartender next time. Hoho!

Peng -> my chinese sucks...i know i know...haha..not only that, i look like shtye in the pics!! =p

Lay Leng -> Haha..boyish cute. But not that handsome right! Cannot tell he's almost 30!