MMS Friends

Monday, November 21, 2005


Terence Cao was at Zouk yesternight. And it was my 1st time posted to Member's bar. Stressful because the big boss is there to entertain the super regulars and i've to perform my duty well. Diana, Audrey, Claris, Wei Hao, and Darren were very nice to me. Now i know more colleagues! =)

Just calculated my earnings for the past 1 month at Zouk. Together with the tips, its about $1028 net. I'm monitoring my expenditure so i can account the money to Mom. She's very particular about me-spending.

Woke up with Dirtyboy in my bed, hugging me tight and planting kisses on me. Mixed emotions but nevertheless, i'm thankful things're alright between us and that we still have each other no matter what. Perhaps, i think way too negatively of things. We'll make this work babyboy.. =)

Brownie was a success. My dirtyboy loves it. Thank you to one and all for the baking tips. =) I'll make another one to share soon. Hoho!

Shopping with lil' sis in the evening for her prom dress. I like this tube dress at FOUNTAIN selling for $59. Hestitating factor is that i've to make a special order just for a black one. O_o But then again, black'll never go wrong. *grins*

It’s hard loathing you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I wanna know
Should I stay, or should I go

Angel -> it's alright..haha..forgot about what?

Shuyun -> in a r/s things dont run as smoothly as we wish. so, there was a huge hicup a couple of days back. but things're more or less good now. see??? we have to catch up sentosa okie! haha. love ya babe.

Dine -> and i miss u too. =(

Zihui -> it got better already. thanks for the concern sweetie. *hugs* you make u miss u so much!! so we settle for the 10th alrights?? remb to call me memory's failing me. haha..BE MINE!