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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Time goes by, so slowly

Haha, pretty accurate eh.

I spent my time doing almost nothing from 630-1130pm at Zouk. I hate events and functions. The Madonna CD launch was alright. Rather entertaining but frikkin boring after it ended. However i was posted to Bar 2 because Rel & Cheryl's on off!! *skips ard* Got Jasmine for breaks and small-chats. Almost fell asleep after 2am. Thank God for the supper. Hoho!

Reporting time's at 7pm tonight. Hope to see friends! Better complete my biz&mgmt essay before heading to town.

Zihui -> think i know what u wanna comment about the wedding pics. Should i remove a certain picture? Is it too obvious?? Study hard eh! It's almost over soon! Hee!! I'm actually free on 24th and 26th this month. If u wanna meet up on Dec, i can only make it after 1st week cause of my exams. I miss you sweetie!! =)